Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our computer was acting up so before it died completely I took it to this place called Computer Aid.  Just a guy named Mike I guess who fixes computer on site or has them dropped off at his home/office.  He had some pretty good reviews so I tried him out and for 49 bucks he spiced up our computer, cleaned off any viruses, and physically cleaned the fans and stuff (which was the main problem).  I was pretty impressed.  Unless later I find out he installed some sort of steal-your-money-spyware or something.  Here's hoping that he didn't. 

When Olivia was born she was given these cute newborn shoes.  And here's how they looked then.  

And now three months later they actually fit her. 

She is a great little sleeper in the morning after she eats so that's when we usually run our errands.  On this morning she kept sleeping even after we got home and I took her out of her car seat to wake her up.  She was sleep sleepy I guess. 

It's finally been warming up outside.  Well actually it's been going from warm to cold, to warm, to cold, to warm again.  I'm pretty sure that this week its going to get up to 80 at some point and then down to 50 for a high at some point.  I'm just hoping Cam Spam doesn't get sick again.  Because he will literally have to be coughing nonstop for me to take him to the doc.  I don't know if I can handle another round of steroids. 

On one day it was warm enough for a light jacket so we went outside for a while.  Cam is a lot braver on the trampoline this year than he was at the end of the warm season last year.  

Jace spent most of the time out there blowing bubbles for the dog.  Actually he started blowing them for Cameron, but after Cameron was plowed into several times I put him on the trampoline.  For safety.  From crazy Andy who doesn't look at anything that might be in his way when he's got something in his sights.

And then Jace started climbing the fence so of course Cameron had to show that he could do it, too.

Then last weekend, conference weekend, the boys got to play with this fun jumbo ball.  Brice's friend from work gave it to them, and they looooooved it.

Of course it isn't real fun without some tears, right?  And who do you think caused the tears?  Yes, it was daddy.

And when they fell out of the hole like this, Brice called it getting "pooped out".  No wonder the boys talk about poop so much.

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Celeste said...

That ball looks like so much fun!