Friday, March 22, 2013

 I know Olivia is really almost three months now but she just barely went in for her two month appointment.  We were in Texas so we missed the original one.  She weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces and was 22 inches long.  So the chart automatically bumped her up to comparison to three month olds and she is barely in the fifth percentile.  She's a teeny little thing.  I can't believe that when she was born she weighed four pounds less and was five inches shorter.  She was tiny.

Sometimes I feel  bad lately because I haven't been taking very many pictures of the boys. . . but in my defense they are not very cooperative when it comes to taking pictures. Like when I was taking these of little Livvy I tried to get Jace to smile but instead he would A) show me his leapster

or B) yell at me to leave him alone

and finally C) ignore me completely

Today was one of those "super mom" days.  Only imagine that being said dripped with sarcasm. Jace and Cameron have pretty much been watching TV or playing their video games all day.  They are both currently still in their pajamas.  Cameron's pajamas are also the same ones he slept in the night before and also wore all day yesterday.

But sometimes I'm a good mom.  The other day I made them this little car garage play thing that I saw on Pinterest out of a cardboard box.  When I was finished and they went at it I thought about how maybe I should feel bad that I see something on Pinterest, and then my kids get the half-assed version that I make for them.  Pardon my french.  But I couldn't think of another word that describes that thought.  They seem to be pretty happy with it though.  And also its already destroyed.  So at least I spent twenty minutes making it instead of hours fancying it up.  Oh those boys.  They have so much energy and its still so nasty outside.  If it doesn't get warm here soon all their brain cells might soon be destroyed by Angry Birds.

Also I've been trying and trying to catch Livvy's sweet smile.  I keep missing it.  But I get close.

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