Friday, March 8, 2013

Olivia is two months already!  And I love taking pictures of her.  And then playing with them.  In fact, I love it so much I have been neglecting the boys all morning.  They did some video gaming.  And some tv watching.  And some wrestling.  But we are in Texas at my parents and its raining outside and there's not much for them to do inside.  So I don't feel too bad about all the brain cell killing video games. 

Little Liv already has quite the personality, I think.  She is fussier than the boys were, and for the first month I thought that she pretty much hated me because if she wasn't eating or sleeping, she was yelling at me.  But then finally she started smiling at me some.  So now I don't feel like she hates me. 

She is killing me though with not being a great sleeper.  I feel exhausted all the time, and am resigned to just always being tired.  I mean, its not normal that as soon as I get behind the wheel of the car, even during the day, I feel like I could fall asleep instantly.  

My sister in law, Summer, made her this hat and I love it.  It's still a teeny bit big and then probably next year when its cold it will be too small so I had to put it on her and get some pictures.  Because its the cutest hat. 

We love having her in our family.  Even Jace is getting over his weird aversion to her hair, and although he still won't willingly touch her, he will put his face close to her and talk to her.  That's progress. 

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