Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We blessed Olivia on Sunday, March 3rd.  And here are some pics.

I took some on Saturday because right after sacrament the kids and I were heading to Texas with my parents for a couple of weeks.  

I love this one of Livvy looking up and Auntie Sherri looking down.

Pretty Aunt Melanie with the pretty hair that Jace loves.

Papa and his great grand daughter wearing the same gown that he was blessed in. 

Olivia got to be blessed in two special gowns, one passed down from her great grandpa and one that my mother made for her that she can pass down to her babies and grand babies.
On Sunday morning we got ready early so I could take some pictures of Olivia in her gowns.  I'm finding its pretty easy to get ready for things early when you have three homemade alarm clocks that wake you up before six.

Little Liv was a perfect poser for the first few pictures.

I mean really, how cute is that?

When we put on the beautiful gown my madre made she was about done.

But I still made her take more pictures with the rest of the family.  She is going to probably hate cameras and pictures when she's older.

Sometimes I can't believe how blessed Brice and I are to have these three beautiful babies.  So blessed. 


Celeste said...

What special dresses to be blessed in. Glad you had so much family there. Love the last family picture of you all.

Mary said...

You ARE blessed. Look how beautiful your family is!!! I was smiling the whole time I read this post. Awww. Wish I could have been there.