Monday, February 4, 2013

So far I have we have survived 1 month of the me against three.  Some days have been harder than others.  There have been calls to Brice at work with me sobbing and kids screaming in the background.  There have been consecutive days where the boys have been dressed in the same pajamas.  And days where they've eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal.  And days where I've forgotten to eat and then by two o'clock am wondering why I'm suddenly feeling like a crazy shaky rage monster.  And there was even one day where I could smell the boys from across the room and realized I didn't remember the last time they had been given a bath.

But there have also been moments where everyone is happy and clean.  And we can sit together in the living room and I've been able to play a game with the boys while Olivia sleeps soundly in my arms.  And also nights where I've been able to wrestle the boys in bed by 6:00 and have the whole rest of the evening with just one sweet little baby to snuggle.  And there was even one morning when the boys slept till 7:30 and Olivia slept from 2:00 am till the boys woke us both up.  That was the best morning ever and after 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep I felt insanely cheerful.  

And now my "giant" baby boy is potty trained. Which makes him even more of a big boy and even less of my baby boy.  The first night I came home from the hospital I went in to check on the boys during the night and when I looked in Cameron's bed I was surprised to see not my little baby boy but a big hefty two year old. It's funny how the "baby" still seems like a baby until you bring home the next baby.

The biggest brother is taking on his responsibilities pretty well.  Aside from all his craziness which sometimes gets in the way of the whole listening job.  He's pretty good at running to get me things (after I ask two or three times) and even though there are moments when all he wants to do is torture his little brother they also play pretty well together.  It's during those moments when I make myself very scarce, because even the slightest disturbance in their play might mess things up.

Like the other day they made a catapult and were sending things up into the air and trying to catch them in a bucket.  As soon as I got out the camera to take pictures of them the magical spell of brotherly bonding ended and the whining and fighting started.  Lesson learned.    

And then there is this sweet little baby girl who I just want to kiss all the time.  So far she pretty much just sleeps and eats, though she is starting to stay awake in between the sleeping and eating a little longer.  And it's amazing how she can go from sleeping peacefully to starving and very mad in a matter of seconds. 

I love her lips.  And her little eyelashes.  And her little nose.


Celeste said...

You are surviving!!! 3 seems very daunting so I think PBJ and every meal for a few days sounds perfect. =) Cam does look lots older now. Yeah for only one in diapers!

Tyrell said...

I love your blog more than any other! You are so real it's fantastic. Everett watched A Bug's Life twice today because I didn't have any energy to play with him or entertain him... I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot after the baby is born!

Melanie said...

She's already grown and changed so much from the pictures in your last post! She is such a doll! Glad you're enjoying soaking her all up!

Jillane said...

She is such a cute baby girl!