Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've been finding that lately if I do one thing that I enjoy during the day (that isn't just watching something while I'm feeding the baby) I have a much better day.  And feel much better about my days in general.  So since I still don't feel up to exercising much yet, and can't really go get stuff with the kids for the many thing I want to try and make that I've seen on pinterest. . . playing with pictures and putting them on this blog are all I've got.  

We went to the park again yesterday for about twenty minutes-- that was as long as the boys could endure the wind.  I hate when the day should be beautiful but the stupid wind messes it all up.

I got these pictures of Camers that I liked.  

His eyes are beautiful, I think.  Sometimes they look dark and sometimes they look lighter.  I guess they're hazel.

And Jace's eyes are jet black.  I know this picture is in black and white, but really when its in color, the eye color doesn't change.  They are so dark.  You can't even see the pupil most of the time.  

And little Livvy's eyes are still looking blue-ish.  Maybe all three of them will have different colored eyes. They were all born in different states, so that would be fitting. 

Cameron peed on the couch this morning.  I guess that's my punishment for telling everyone that he was so easy to potty train.  

When he zoomed off the slide and landed on his butt at the park yesterday, he jumped up and yelled, "I'm okay, I'm okay!"  He pretty much thinks he's just as old as Jace and thinks he can do everything by himself.  Which sometimes can be hard to deal with because he throws a fit when I do it for him. 

Here is a funny story about Jace:  

One day Auntie Lisa was watching the boys while I took Olivia to the doctor for her one month check up.  I guess Lisa said something to Jace (who was in the kitchen--she was in the living room) about how in just six months he would be going to school.

He responded by running into the living room and said, "Well I may not be going to school. I gotta learn to wipe my own butt and that is disgusting!"

Yes it is disgusting.  And I am tired of doing it.  I'm tired of hearing this:  "I'M DONE!"

I was feeding the baby once when he yelled that he was done so I told him to wipe by himself.  A few minutes later he came in to where I was and said, "I think I still have poop on me." So I asked how he knew.  

"Cause I felt it with my hand."  And as he said this he was pretty much rubbing his hands all over his face.  Disgusting.  So I immediately jumped up, ignoring the baby who instantly started screaming since she was in the middle of eating, and threw him in the shower.  

So for now he still calls and I come running when he's "done".  I guess we have six months to work on it.

And also I discovered you can put videos you upload to youtube right on your blog.  Every time I've tried to upload videos directly to the blog it never worked.  But now I know how.  So here come some videos. . .

If you watch this video all the way to end, you will see how reluctant Jace is to get close to his sweet little sis.


Jillane said...

That is so funny! I love the video. She is such a sweet baby. I think it is so funny how Jace doesn't want to kiss her and his face when he looks at her cracks me up. Only 6 months until he starts school! Crazy how time flies.

Tyrell said...

Oh my gosh Leilani, you seriously crack me up with your stories! You completely made my day.

marwan said...

shorter Jace: I don't like kids.