Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brice has been working late alot lately.  And this week he worked till six or six thirty and then went and worked on a side job that he and Troy were doing together.  Some kind of shelf building I think.  So I had to fly solo for not only the whole day but also for bedtime.  Which was exhausting.

Yesterday was Saturday and even though Brice has been working on Saturday for the last month, he usually only works till twelve.  Which means I get up on Saturday morning and countdown the hours and minutes until he will be home at twelve so I can wash my hands of the boys and retreat to my room with Olivia.  This Saturday, though, he had to finish up that side job, which meant he was going to be gone allllll day.

Now ordinarily I would have groaned and complained and whined and been every bit the naggy wife that sometimes Brice claims I am. . . but with all the hospital bills starting to roll in any extra money is appreciated.  So I tried to be stoic and supportive.  I think I did a pretty good at not feeling too sorry for myself.  In fact, I even decided to spice things up Saturday morning and instead of just starting on the same old boring chores that you have to do day in and day out I decided to try and get some pictures of all the kids together.  My goal was to get a really cute one to put in the 11 x 14 frame we have that currently just has a picture of the boys.

The attempt was not a complete fail, but I didn't get one that I like enough to put in that frame. . .

But I did get some cute ones.

The problem was two-fold.  First of all, Jace is a weirdo and was not being cooperative at all when it came to sitting and helping with the baby.  His issue is weird.  That's all there is to it.  See he has this weird thing about hair.  He likes pretty hair and he will always comment on girls who have pretty hair. Like his aunts Emily and Melanie.  He loves their hair.  

Olivia does not have a lot of hair, and Jace is disgusted by it.  Literally.  Like when she is in the bouncy seat at the table while he is eating he wants me to cover her head up with a hat or put a bow on it.  Is that weird or what?  The other day when I had a bow on her he said, "I like it when she has a bow or a hat on.  That's when I like her."

So he was hesitant to get too close to the baby and when I tried to get him to hold her up and help support her, he would just cringe and sit there frozen.  Sort of like a cat will do when you put clothes on it.  He just froze and wouldn't move.

Sweet little Cam has the opposite feeling.  He just wants to touch her all the time.  This photo shoot was probably the closest and longest he has been by the baby since she was born.  

The second problem is obvious when you think of three kids and just one person. . . trying to get them all in a cute pose while trying to take pictures and also trying to cover up the pillows in the back with the sheet that kept falling over.  I was pretty sweaty by the time we were finished.  

The boys looks thrilled, don't they?

Thrilled again.

So finally I yelled, "Come on guys, just smile so we can be done!"

Not quite what I had in mind.  But nice attempt.

This is Jace being disgusted by the baby. 

But look how cute she is.  What is the matter with that boy?

Her eyes look blue.  But they're that baby color blue.  I wish they would stay blue.  But the odds of that are not great.  I don't even know if its possible for us to have a blue-eyed child.  

So yesterday, despite being at the end of a long and tiresome week, was a good day.  I even took the boys to the park (you can drive right up to the play thing so I could stand by the car where the baby slept and be close to the boys at the same time).  I didn't even lose it when Cameron pooped in his underwear. And I made a real dinner that wasn't macaroni or peanut butter.  Yay me!


Jillane said...

Go Leilani! You are like super mom.

Jillane said...

Oh and I love the photo shoot! Your kids are adorable. I can never get cute pictures of my kids together.

Celeste said...

Awesome! You definitely deserve a great Valentine's Day date out! And that thing about Jace and the hair is cracking me up!