Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today was so so beautiful outside.  Not humid, not too hot, not windy.  It was the perfect day for being outside.  So outside we went.  And also I've decided that it's so much better to leave all morning because then when you come home the house is still CLEAN from the night before instead of trashed.

Jace is not a huge fan of any bug, even this butterfly.  He said the butterfly was not a butterfly because it was, "Ugly and gross."  

And since I'm not an avid nature fan, I agreed with him.  Especially after seeing its long tongue slurping up food.  It wouldn't leave either.  I even flicked it, but it was too busy eating to even care.

Jace led the way on our walking "adventure".

And then we stopped and I told Jace to hug Camers.  This picture makes me laugh because that goofy look on Jace's face just represents him so perfectly.  

And poor little Camers almost got a face full of pavement from this hug, but luckily I grabbed his shirt just in time.  

And this is the look Jace gave me when I said, "Can't you just hug normal?" 

I don't think so, Mom.  


stockholmstrom said...

I think it is hilarious that your little boy hates bugs and my little girl is practically an entomologist. Goofy kids! And also, I love Jace's face in the last two pics. Priceless.

Jillane said...

He is such a silly guy. Jace is quite a character. I love the picture of them hugging. Funny boys!