Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today I thought it was Wednesday all day long.  So after the boys were in bed I got all ready to watch American Idol.  I got my popcorn and my chocolate chips (a great combination) and started flipping through our recordings (I strategically started it a half hour after it started so I could fastfoward commercials) and then I couldn't find it.  So I started freaking out thinking the tv messed up and didn't record it and I frantically flipped it to live tv to see if it was on.  Then when it wasn't on, I thought, "Why not?  Where is it? Did it switch to a different day?  What is wrong with the universe?"  

And then I realized it was Tuesday.

And then I felt really good about myself and realized what a super cool person I am for freaking out about American Idol.

I was glad Brice wasn't home to witness that all taking place.  

So since my night was cleared of all plans to be ready for Idol. . . I have some time to play around with pictures and put some up.

We had some water balloons in our tub tonight.  And while Camers was busy trying to eat one, Jace thought it would be fun for a surprise attack.

He, of course, thought it was hilarious.

I encouraged Cameron to retaliate and dump water back on Jace.  I didn't realize he wouldn't be good at it so he gave himself a face full of water instead.

So then Jace showed him how to do it.

And then he got the hang of it.  Yay Camers!


Celeste said...

Nothing like good clean fun...hahaha.

Jillane said...

Too funny! I never know what day it is. Hard to keep track and they kind of just blend together. I love all the bath pics. So cute that Jace taught Cameron to dump water on his head. What a good big brother.

Smirking said...

I love these pics of the boys. You got some great ones of Jace's real smile. So cute!