Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here are some random pictures from over the past week or so.  Starting off with this one of these two angelic little boys.  Well they were were angelic for like the fraction of a second it took to take this.  And then. . .

Jace did what he always does when I start to take pictures.

One thing that Jace and I have had a battle over every day it seems for the last two weeks is these balls.

For Christmas the boys got a little ball bouncy thing and then hundreds of these little balls.  And they love playing with them.  They just don't like picking them up.  So every day Jace will dump them out and then when it comes time for him to pick them up, it takes him like an hour to actually do it.  And he always has to make it into some kind of game.

Finally I put the balls somewhere where they would be "out of sight out of mind" for awhile.

I don't know why it took me so long to think of just doing that. 

When we go outside the first thing the boys want to do it turn on the water hose.  Sometimes I say no, but sometimes I say yes.  And then taking off wet clothes and wiping off grassy feet is usually worth the fun they have.

Andy always has to get in on the water hose action.  How would like that wet tongue licking you?  Cameron loves it.  

Disgusting, I know.


Tyrell said...

Oh man, I've been away for way too long! (I hate how private blogs don't update on the dashboard thing...)

Anyways, you are hilarious, you kids are adorable, you're pictures are amazing, and we miss you guys.

In fact, Jake really, really wants to catch up with Brice and asked me to forward his number on to you. 253-380-7968.

p.s. I loved the dramatic baseball post. Hilarious.

Celeste said...

Playing with the that is brilliant. Too bad I would probably get reported to the water police for not obeying watering restrictions or something like that here. Love the sticking their tongues out pics.