Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumpkin patch

The school had their annual night at the pumpkin patch so we went.  It's always fun times.  Plus for the cost of admission, which is cheaper than it would normally be, you also get a hotdog, bag of chips, and a soda.  So an easy dinner.  That's definitely a plus.

Also we got our new computer and I can finally get back to picture editing and blogging.  I'm a happy camper about that.  Also I love the new computer.  So maybe it's kind of good that the old one reached its untimely death.  Although not really untimely, since we did have it for seven years.

So we painted the pumpkins earlier this week.  As it is fall break and we needed something to do.  Painting the pumpkins lasted all of five minutes.  So that was a big time filler.  Not.

And then we left Livvy's pumpkin unattended for I swear not more than thirty seconds, and the dog had shredded it and strewn it's pumpkin guts around the yard.  Liv was sad, as could be expected.  But when I said, "Dumb old dog," she said, "No mommy.  Andy not dumb.  He's my Andy."

And then I felt like a real winner.  So Andy is lucky that the kids love him so much, they are even willing to forgive him for chewing up anything and everything they happen to leave in the yard.

Dumb old dog. :)

And now I've played with my new computer, and am going to take some Nyquil and head to bed.  I have a head cold that is killing me.

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