Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Annalise Kate, 4 months

This little girl is four months old.  Well, four and a half months old actually.  I'm a little late in getting these up.

What can I say about this little missy?  She does not like to sleep in her bed.   She likes to sleep right next to mommy.  Especially when three or four in the morning rolls around.  And mommy usually caves and lets her, because I'm exhausted and it would be disastrous waking Liv up at that time of night.  She would probably not go back to sleep.

So she cuddles with me in those early early hours of the morning.

I'm tired a lot.

Also she rolled over for the first time yesterday, which was a huge shock.  She hasn't even been trying to roll over, and I just looked down and she rolled right over, from her back to her belly.  I think she was pretty surprised by it, too.

She loves her feet and she loves to drool and I think she's completely ready for rice cereal.  She eyes the food we eat and smacks her lips.  We're gonna try out some cereal today and see how it goes!!

I love my little Annalisey.

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