Monday, March 23, 2015

Jumping off the slide

My little missy thinks she's big stuff since she decided she was brave enough to jump off the slide.

Not from the top, mind you.  But from the top ladder rung.

She was so proud of herself and it was adorable.

And also Cam seemed to think he was big stuff because he could do it too.  Liv, as you can see in the background, was not thrilled when he decided to steal her thunder.


The Sandall's said...

Hahaha. Don't you just love kids and all their honesty!! As long as you don't have to cut that shirt off then you're doing good!!!

Im so proud of Liv and her braveness too. She might even be braver than Kimi. Can't wait to get them all together this summer!!

diana king said...

Maybe she'll be in track, like her mommy!