Friday, March 27, 2015

Digging a trench (aka making a mess)

The big boys (Brice, Troy, and Poppy) started a big project last Saturday.  And luckily the weather was nice so that the little boys stayed over "helping" all day long.  Liv and I came to visit around lunch time.  I know, convenient, right. . .

Anyway, they're making some drainage system thing with pipes and concrete blocks and other stuff that will hopefully help Granny's yard not to be so muddy when it rains.  Which is does constantly.  The kids loved the mess and the boys (big and little) were in dirt heaven.

Oh and Liv loved it, too.

I guess there was also a rule about not being cool unless you were wearing a bright neon yellow (green?) shirt.

But it's not all fun and games when you're working so hard.  Cam can attest to that.  Sometimes you scratch your stomach.

But good thing there are dirt trenches and dirt clumps to distract from that kind of pain.

But you'll still remember the owie is there.  And might need to check it occasionally.

And then your little sis might pretend she had an owie too, so she can steal your thunder.

But she'll make up for that by kissing your owie better.

And then you'll be so overcome with gratitude that you'll have to hug her and create the sweetest picture ever.

Then Papa and Lucas came over to play, too.  Good thing Lucas got the neon shirt memo.

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diana king said...

Really? Did they call each other about the green shirt? That's funny! Great pics of the kids. Made me LOL!