Saturday, March 21, 2015

February and March

In true Kentucky fashion, February and March have been glooooooooomy.  Cold, wet, snow, rain, cold. . . all that good winter stuff.  Jace was out of school for an entire week once because it snowed Sunday night and then took all week to melt enough for back roads to be good enough for school to be resumed.  Then he was out for a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday a few weeks later because of another big snow.

During one of the days off school the boys made a tent.  Actually they pretty much made a tent like every day.  But I took pictures of it once.

I actually wasn't too annoyed with the days off school this year.  Seeing as how I'm the laziest mom ever, it was nice to get to sleep in and not have to take Jace to school.  Plus he entertained Cam and Liv and the fighting was pretty moderate and bearable.  I think it was a win for me.

And now I'm 28 weeks.  My belly is huge.  Probably as big as it got with Liv.  And I've got over two months to go.  I don't really know how I will get any bigger, but undoubtedly I will.  So I will continue waddling around, huffing and puffing and grunting when I have to bend over and pick anything up.  Or get up from a sitting position.  Or get out of the van.  Or just be.

I was wearing a before I got huge t-shirt around the house the other day so it was pretty tight and Cam noticed my gigantic belly.  And kept saying, "You're belly is getting pretty big mom."  Over and over and over.  And then of course Livvy had to copy him to she kept saying, "Momma pitty big" over and over.  And then he wanted to touch my belly and feel the baby move.  And she did give him a couple of pretty fierce kicks, which he thought was really cool. Then Liv wanted to feel the baby kick too, but she ended up just slapping me in the stomach a few times.  Nice.  


diana king said...

Hahaha! They're good kids!

Celeste said...

I want to see your prego belly. :) Glad you are enduring the endless winter there so well. The end is in sight! Love the static hair Liv had in the fort.