Monday, January 26, 2015

Olivia Rose turned 2!

Remember when I used to take like a photo shoot of this girl every month??  

Yeah not so much anymore.  Because she is squirmy and wild and crazy and then also because I'm lazy.

We had a simple little birthday celebration for Miss Livvy.  She loved her presents and her cupcakes and the video of us singing to her is SOOO cute.  She looks so proud that it's her special day.

Now when you ask her how old she is she will say proudly, "I TWO!"  Although sometimes she says, "I SIX!" first.  Then I have to say, no no no silly.

She loves her brothers and really has a special little bond with Coggy (Cameron) going strong.  She loves Jace, too.  But in small amounts.  Because he's Jace.  And his number one favorite thing to do is aggravate her.  

She talks nonstop.  Some of what she says is real stuff, and some is just nonsense words.  Although I think the "real stuff" is starting to take over the nonsense stuff.  She loves going places and she loves baths.  She does not really like taking the time to eat real food.  Although she will eat junk food at any time or place.

She's the best little two year old.  I love her an insane amount.  We all do. 

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Celeste said...

What a beautiful little girl! I feel like in the time you were away from blogging she totally grew up into a little girl.