Monday, January 26, 2015

A sunny day in January

Jace didn't have school on Martin Luther King Day.  And not only was it sunny, but it was also a lot warmer than it has been lately.  And I didn't feel like complete crap!!!

So to celebrate the sun and the warmth (like 50 degrees) and my feeling decent, we went to the Audubon Park. We need to go there more often because it's kind of like being in the mountains because of all the trees and wooded area.  

The kids wanted to hike and as we hiked along Jace said, "Hey, I'm pretending we're at Cherry Creek!"

Jace always walked as far away from us as he could.  And asked us why we were "chickens" for not following his harder ways of walking.  And then when I said it was time to go back he asked why I was such a scaredy cat. 

Oh this age of his is so pleasant.

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The Sandall's said...

What a fun adventure. Gotta love their different personalities!!! Yay for some sunshine and dry weather!!!!