Sunday, August 31, 2014

Six Little Stinkers

so you know how when you get reeeeally behind in your pictures and then you feel too overwhelmed and then you kind of just put off going through them. . . well that's about where I am. 

HOWEVER.  I love all these pictures.  And all the ones that I've taken over the past month.  And by putting them on this blog I'm ensuring that I'll remember to add them to a yearly photobook.  (of which I'm three years behind in actually printing those photos books but whatever).  Anyway, I will shoulder on.

We had an adorable photo shoot with the cousins.  And Livvy, in particular, was extremely uncooperative.

But first here is the best one I got:

And then here are some not so perfect ones but still cute ones of the six little stinkers being little stinkers. 

I love this one.  It was the last one I took.  Poor Bow.  He was SO DONE. 

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Celeste said...

I can't believe how cooperative (overall) they ALL were. Super impressed. There must have been some serious bribery.