Thursday, August 7, 2014

4th of July

We did a craft with the kids.  Yay us!  And we also ate some yummy food and the kids splashed in the sprinklers and the slip n slide.  The pool was pretty chilly though.  So no swimming.

Towards the evening we played bocci ball and visited.  Good times!

Melanie and I tried to blow on the grass and make that high pitched squeal noise.  And Emily had the camera and felt the need to get right up in our face and take a bunch of pictures.  I would like to point out that while Melanie looks graceful in her attempt, I look like I'm having a hand seizure. 

We watched fireworks that evening at our house.  Lucky us, our neighbors put on a huge show.  Brice talked to the neighbor guy (so maybe we don't know their names. . .) and said he had like 1200 bucks worth of fireworks.  It was quite the show.  And then we learned how to take those cool sparkler pictures. 


Celeste said...

Holy cow on $1200 of fireworks. Glad he spent it so you could enjoy it! Post that tutorial on how to make those cool sparkler pictures please! I can't get any good firework pictures.

Melanie said...

VERY cool sparkler pictures! Love all your photography!

The Sandall's said...

C is for Cameron!! Awesome! Love all the sparkler pictures. They turned out cute!!!!