Sunday, August 31, 2014


There are no portrait shots of just Liv from this particular photo shooting day.

Because she would not take any.

Because she would not sit still for more than two seconds.

And would not look at the camera.

And would not stop running away.


Smirking said...

Oh no! Haha. We tried to take some one-year-old pictures the other day, and A would. not. sit. still. He kept climbing all over the couch and grabbing at the camera and just generally not cooperating with my plans. So I gave up and let him get down off the couch. He immediately grabbed a book and sat on the ground, perfectly still, looking at the pictures. Really?? I picked him up (with his book) and let him look at pictures on the couch. Then I grabbed the book away, made him smile, and snapped the pic. Kids are too funny!

Celeste said...

HAHA. Totally been there.