Friday, April 11, 2014

Wrestling. And more wrestling. And then even more wrestling.

This is pretty much what my spring break has looked like.  Lots of wrestling.  Lots of clouds.
More wrestling.  

Crying.  Yelling.  More wrestling.

  Wrestling, rain, wrestling.  You get the idea.

On the sunny days we did try to go outside.  We went "park hopping" one day.  We left the house around 11:00 and hopped from park to park to park to park to park.  

5 parks to be exact.  By the time we were done at 5:00, I felt like I do when I've been at a theme park all day long.  Dirty, wind blown, sun kissed, and tired.

The kids felt that way too.  And they loved it.  And it was free.  Score one for Mom.

And meanwhile, in the house. . .

Keep looking, Livvy.  But you don't really want to be on there with them.  Trust me.


diana king said...

Awww poor livvy. U got some great shots of the boys, though.

diana king said...
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The Sandalls said...

Awesome trampoline jumping pics. What fun for the boys and i don't think I saw any tears! Score for mom (unless you just kept those pictures hidden??!!).

Celeste said...

park hopping! That sounds so cool. My kids would love that.