Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Fall!

Today we went to the park to get the pictures in the leaves.  Yesterday we were out running errands and so I brought my camera thinking that we might go to the park and take pictures.  Then when we got there I discovered I left the card out of my camera.  So I was disappointed.  Then today on a whim we tried again.  And we had success!

I took probably over 300 pictures.  So these first few are some fun, not quite frame-able shots we got.

At first the boys were not really into it.  Jace kept saying, "Let's just get this over with."  But then I bribed them.  With candy.  Because that's how I roll.  I told them they could have two Skittles for every shot I liked.  And then when we got home and I paid out, I conveniently "liked" enough shots for them each to have a fun size bag of Skittles.

Oh Jace.  He always makes the goofiest faces.

In the above picture Cameron is running to an enormous pile of leaves.  Jace has already dived into it.  But when I got there and saw how deep the pile actually was, I kind of freaked out.  I made them get out, much to their dismay.  But just the thought of what kind of creepy crawly creatures might have been lurking inside made me shudder.  It was a really really deep pile.

They had fun running down this hill, and then hiking back up and doing it again.  In the picture below if you look carefully you can see Cameron's chubby cheeks in mid-sag from his run.  

Here, let me help you see a little better.

Okay so now here are the shots that I "liked" and paid in Skittles for.

 I'd say these boys earned some Skittles, wouldn't you?


diana king said...

Mis preciosos bebes!

The Payne family said...

Oh my gosh Leilani, I laughed a lot at Cameron's cheek sag. That was quite funny. Cute pics! Sure wish we had fall here.

kim anderson said...

Loved the pictures but have laughed myself silly at camers cheek sag:) just imagining what mine would look like IF I could still run....priceless pictures for sure!!!!

Celeste said...

Love the pictures! Totally skittle worthy. Cheek sag made me laugh for a long time.

Mary said...

I say YES! They definitely deserve skittles. The cheek sag pic made me laugh so hard!!