Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trains, football, and pirates

Liv and her "Coggy" play so well together.  Most of the time.

The other day they played trains,  And then football.  And then pirates.

However sometimes Liv will steal a toy or not do something "right" according to Cam.  And he'll yell at her.  And she'll cry and act like she's the saddest little girl in the world.

Then she'll run away and sulk.

But after Cam apologizes, she'll jump right back into playing.

In other news, winter needs to be over.  And Jace just puked all over the couch.


The Sandall's said...

How cute! Such a fun and sweet relationship they are developing.

And YUCK… bet that was fun to clean up

Celeste said...

Not on the couch! I'm so sorry. And I feel like I just read about Spencer and Sadie playing together. Sadie totally does the sulking thing too. I think it's so fun for the middle kid to get to be the kid when the real big kid is at school.