Friday, February 6, 2015

3 little monkeys

Tuesday Jace stayed home from school and we took a trip to the doctor.  It was discovered that both he and Cam had strep throat.  He had a pretty rough day.  Puking and laying around for most of it.

Cam didn't seem affected by the strep at all.  Lucky him.

So then Wednesday I figured I would give Jace one more day to recover since when he went to bed Tuesday night he was still throwing up and feeling pretty miserable.

His 12 hours of sleep worked magic though.  I kept threatening all day to take him to school.  Though I really wasn't going to.  Because that would mean actually going into the office and signing him in, which would require some kind of getting ready preparation.

These three played together for a little while.  And it was cute.


The Sandall's said...

I was expecting pictures of the… and then that ended and it wasn't cute! Heheheh! Such cuties!!

Celeste said...

What cute pouty lips that girl has! Love when all 3 can be happy together.