Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When I get behind on blogging I'm not very good at catching up.  But here are some highlights of the last few months.  

Jace turned 4.  Yay Jace!

He was delighted with all of his presents.  I love how happy he gets and how much enthusiasm he shows for everything.  Even though later he breaks it all. 

It was also special because his best buddy cousin Bowman was in town and got to celebrate with him.

I have lot of cute pictures of the four cousins playing. . . but the thought of going through them all and picking the good ones is what makes me not want to post anything.  So perhaps I'll do that some other time. 

While Emily and her kids were here visiting we went to a family reunion and rented a pontoon boat.  Everyone had a blast.  Even Camers, who slept like this in Popa's lap pretty much the entire time. 

Also we docked at a shore of an island (I think) and as I was sitting there enjoying the view Jace came up from behind and said, "Look I found some dinosaur bones!"  I turned around to see him holding up this entire rotted skeleton of some kind of lizard.

I screamed, of course, and made him drop it.  After I ran a few feet away, that is.

And this guy tried to keep up with Jace and Bowman, and had fun playing with McKeanzie.  Also he just turned two, but more about that later.

Also some other exciting news is that baby number 3 will be here in January!  Camers wants a "bruder like Jace" and Jace wants a sister.   We'll find out in about four who weeks who will get their way. 

I'm all for a girl. . . but then I will have to change the name of this blog.  

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Celeste said...

I am so happy for you guys to be adding #3 to your family. Glad you're back to catching up. Something is better than nothing and you won't feel as behind now. Good work!