Monday, June 12, 2017

Jace is 9!

So my sweet Jace is 9 now!  Oh what fun boy he is.  Also exasperating and crazy and full of life and smart and silly and bossy and wonderful.  For his birthday I got a deal on a laser tag party for him, so he invited some friends to play laser tag and do mini golf.  Then Sunday we had cake and present for him with the family at Brice's mom.  And then Monday night my parents surprise showed up just in time for his actual birthday on Tuesday!  We had a fun time celebrating this boy three different times, haha.  

Jace, you are so smart and getting pretty clever and sarcastic and your sense of humor actually has me laughing these days!  You're moving on from just the potty humor jokes.  You're also so helpful (when you're in the right mood) and you're a loving big brother to your sisters and a good friend to Cameron.  We love you so much!!! 

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