Wednesday, April 8, 2015


We had the regular egg hunt at the church on Saturday before the first session of general conference.  And then we had another egg hunt at Sherri's and also a yummy lunch after the first session of conference on Sunday.

On Saturday after the the egg hunt, Brice had a bunch of stuff to do around the house, which included taking a load of junk to the dump.  And he took the boys with him, and Livvy took a nap.  So I watched the first session all by myself.  And it was wonderful.

And I didn't even feel at all bad or guilty that the boys were not watching.

Because sometimes when you sit by your kids alone at church, and then you head off to primary for the remaining two hours of church, getting to sit through a meeting where you actually get to feel spiritually uplifted is a rare occurrence. 

There was one brief moment when it first started that I thought, "I'm a terrible mother.  The kids and Brice are not watching.  The kids are probably going to turn into drug dealing pot heads because I let them skip conference and it will be all my fault."  And then I laughed a ridiculous manic laugh in my head and I thought, "Heheheheheheheheheh let them!  It will have been worth it for these two hours of glorious peace."


Anyway.  Egg hunting was fun.

Sometimes it's essential to pause the mad dash for eggs and scratch your butt.  Don't you know.

Also Livvy's outfit was so cute that she gets a special post of her own.  Not surprisingly.

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Celeste said...

That outfit totally does deserve its own post. Great color on her! And I'm proud of you for getting in some pictures, even though you are using the darling girl to block your belly. :)