Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last day with the big camera

I took my big camera out after our treasure hunt for a little while on the last day.  Using my phone and the GoPro most of the time was so NICE.  Because I kind of love my camera.  Like a fourth child.  So I'm very protective of it, and sometimes that gets in the way of having fun.

But this year we were SO close to the beach, I took it out and when I was done, I went and put it back inside.  It was such a luxury to be so close.

Anyway, back to the pictures.

The ocean is so beautiful.  Have I mentioned I think I need to live by it ALL the time?

What a nice smile this Cam Spam has.  Oh wait.  What is that?  In the picture below, crushed into his teeth?

Candy?  Yes.  Ugh.  Making its way into cavities..  How lovely.

And all of Liv's pictures that are so beautiful have that darn blanky in.  But it was the only way she would be happy.  So oh well. 


diana king said...

My little Livvy, she's soooo pretty!

Celeste said...

Are you alive over there!? Come back to the land of the living! :)