Friday, July 4, 2014

The cousins are here

The cousins are here!  I actually forgot that I had this post filled with pictures and no words and hadn't published it, and then I went ahead and published the firefly pictures.  Out of order.  For shame.  But oh well.

The cousins got here on Saturday the 21st and we have been playing like crazy ever since.

It's possible we're all a little bit exhausted.  But that doesn't stop us from playing playing playing!

Some things of note:

We force the kids to eat outside for almost all meals.  But they do have their own little table.  So it's cool.

Livvy and Kimbrie are not quite sure what to think of each other.  Livvy likes to steal Kimbrie's passifier.  Kimbrie likes to steal Livvy's toys.  They're just figuring this "friend my size" thing out.  It's pretty entertaining.

Keanz is a bug girl.  FO SHO.  I tried to catch a butterfly the other day to take over to her, and I was hopping around the yard like a lunatic.  But I failed.  She is like a butterfly catching tigress.  She stalks her prey and snatches them up before they have a chance to flutter away.

The kids run around the yard all day long in their bare feet.  And never step on any of the lots of bees that are buzzing around.  I walk across the yard once with no shoes and step on a bee.  Go figure.

The jeeps are once again a huge hit.  This year the babies LOVE them.

Poppy is a huge hit again this year too :)  The kids love him and his lawn mower.  He is the keeper of the jeeps, the slip n slide, and treats when he is cornered alone in the house with Cam.

Livvy is my handful this year.  She is in to everything and thinks she can do anything that big kids do.  I spend most of the time, when she is not napping, chasing her around.

We are having so much fun.  And it's kind of sad that two weeks have gone by and there is only one week left.  But then on a happy note we will get to go to Texas and see Grandma and Paka.  But then when we get back from Texas it will be time for school. . . I knew summer would take forever to get here and go by waaaay too fast.

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